Beauty & The Beat

Even the hardest female mc back in the day had a glamorous side to her. Here are just a few of my favorite female mc’s from back in the day. . . . .

Mc Lyte is the UNDISPUTED BEST FEMALE RAPPER ! And am not just saying that because she is my 1# favorite mc lol ! Lyte is hard as a rock but she also happened to be very pretty. Lyte wore weaves from time to time. But they were always nicely done.
Shante is a pioneer in the female rap game. No one can just smooth their hair back in a ponytail & wear some knockers & be fresh. But she sure could do it!
Monie love is just too pretty for words! She always stood out to me. But her lyricism was never on the prissy tip. She went hard on ladies first
Latifah has been a winner from the very beginning! I love everything she ever put out! She can look butch 1 minute & be in a covergirl ad the next! She can do it all!
Where Oh Where Is Digga ?! The queen of flip mode squad always favored lauryn hill to me.
I'm so glad that brat is embracing more of her feminine side these days! I have seen some very recent pics of her & she looks great. For years she hid all of that beauty behind pigtails?!

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