Getting Right For The Summer

You can tell when summer time is coming lol.

That is when everyone on facebook wants to workout & eat healthy. When I read some of the “healthy” things people are eating & doing I holler in laughter! You just worked out for an hour on the treadmill. Then ate all that fat back when you rewarded yourself with a whopper ?!

But who am I to judge?! Lol ! I am not a size two, but I’m definitely not obese either! Here are some healthy habits I follow:

Drink plenty of water! People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger.

Jennifer Hudson's weight loss journey has inspired a lot of people. Including me!

Have what you want. Don’t deprive yourself. Just make fast food & sodas a very rare occurrence.

Stop being lazy! Park your car far from the entrance. Try to walk about 15 min a day.

When I have a sweet tooth,I eat yogurt with a lil granola in it. McDonald’s parfaits are also pretty good & cheap too!



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