Dearly Parted

Do you ever give much thought to how you part your hair? Do you always part your hair the same way?

What would the kardashians be without their beloved middle trademark hair part!

A hair part can change your looks dramatically. It’s easy !  Simply switch sides that may look terrific and bring out your best qualities!

The Middle Part

A Middle part can elongate your face.

The middle parting is back in vogue! Once considered a relic from 70’s.The middle parting is once again trendy !

Beyonce looks chic with her middle part. Unfortunately though, it does not suit everyone.You should consider your face shape when parting your hair.

With a middle part your hair tends to frame your face. Middle partings therefore make a round face appear even rounder. They are also  unhelpful if you like to hide some lines or wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Curly hair looks great with a middle parting.

The Side Part

Lovin this do on jhud! Very flattering!

Stylist June Ambrose looks ultra GLAM with her side part !

I must say, tiny’s hair looks great. The style,the part… it all is working for her!

Side partings are flattering and work well for most women. This is MY FAVORITE part. I don’t think middle parts look good on me since I already have a long face. The asymmetry compensates well for not entirely perfect facial features and small beauty flaws like a large nose; receding chin lines become less obvious. Side partings make wide faces appear narrower and can even cover some lines. Place your side part a little to the right or left from time to time or switch it to the opposite side. That will give your hair more bounce and the appearance of more volume.


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