Picture Perfect

I love working on photo shoots because there are fewer restrictions. Photographers want creativity & energy. I also love the travel & meeting new people. But there is a certain etiquette to a  photo shoot .

  • Keep extra guests to a minimum. If it’s a safety issue,then I understand. The model whose being underage bringing an escort is  normal . Just  realize they are there for one thing, that is to sit on the sideline and not get involved in the shoot.
  • Being photogenic is the ability of appearing very attractive in photos.Being naturally beautiful  does not necessarily translate to being photogenic in photos. Being photogenic is about knowing how to put your best self forward. Try practicing in the mirror .
Behind the scenes of a 2009 photo shoot I worked on.
  • Don’t look at the camera; look through it.
  • Be friendly & courteous to hair & make up people.
  • Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance in pictures.
  • Have a good background.
Rhianna behind the scenes of a photo shoot.



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