Smooth Around The Edges

As black women we have so many challenges when it comes to our hair. One of the leading challenges are thinning edges.

There are so many products out now that promise to thicken edges. Some people will notice a big difference & some may not. The hairline is a very fragile area. From the way you wear your hair to chemical processing. Scarves can compromise the hairline as well. If you’re experiencing breakage here’s some tips that may help:

Use pomades & waxes as opposed to gels. I think they hold a lot better & they do not flake or get hard. Waxes & pomades may come in a small jar or in a stick (sorta like deodorant).
Moisturize and condition ! Massage A, D & E oil around the hairline .
Loosen up on tight styles! Tight styling that places stress on the hairline such as ponytails, topknots and braids can lead to traction alopecia.
If you perm/relax your hair,use a weaker strength. Very few people actually need a super perm. Also, apply relaxer to your edges LAST so you won’t over process them.

One thought on “Smooth Around The Edges

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