Prom Pretty

Prom time is a very special & exciting occasion for teen girls. I think weddings are the more grown up girls version of a prom lol . These two occasions are when us females get to indulge in our “girliness”! But sometimes things don’t go as perfectly as planned. Here are some beauty blunders to avoid. . . .


All that excitement & stress can affect your skin.The last thing you want is for a blemish to become dry and flaky; it’ll be harder to cover up because it will look too textured. If you have a blemish, use a blemish cover stick so you don’t have to use makeup where it is not necessary.

Any formal event definitely calls for glam eyes ! Trying to apply eyelash glue onto a superthin lash strip can quickly turn into a hot gloppy mess! Apply a thin line of glue & count to 10 while fanning the lash. this will allow the glue to become tacky & adhere better. Pre-glued lashes are also great to use.
When it comes to any formal occasion, an updo or a semi updo is the best bet.
Very rarely do you see hair being worn down. Stash a couple of  bobby pins into your purse just in case hair falls out-of-place. Also pack a travel-size brush and hairspray .

If you’re on a budget & doing your own hair, don’t forget the old adage that practice  makes perfect. Rehearse before hand !


3 thoughts on “Prom Pretty

  1. Gorgeousness tips, in Australia we call prom, ‘formals’.
    Your blog is devine and I am a brand new follower!
    Would you mind checking out my blog which is still fairly new?
    – Karen.


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