Why Getting Your Hair Cut is the Best Thing For It

short-style-natIf there is one thing that I know,as a hairstylist of 16 years and counting. A lot of women (black and white) HATE to get their hair cut lol ! Even the ones who specifically ask for a short style?! Keeping your hair cut is the best way to keep it healthy and growing. A short style that looks clean and even. Looks better than long, “see through” strands. But you’d be surprised how many woman wanna hold on to those long straggly,thin,weak pieces of hair lol !trimming-natural-hair3 A cut will aid in keeping the ends from splitting and looking frayed, thereby giving the appearance of healthier and longer hair. When ends split and are severely damaged, they can cause breakage and that breakage travels up the hair shaft.maxresdefault It can be easy to skip hair cuts when the only goal is long hair, but this is when you should  be staying on top of it. Many people make the classic mistake of skipping trims because they are growing their hair long.cutting-starts-5-of-7-678x1024 I am not saying get a cut EVERY TIME you go to your stylist. Every 6-10 weeks is good. Hair takes a beating from heat and styling. For example, I see a lot of heat damage from blow outs and flat irons on natural hair. heat-damage-hairThose straight pieces that are at the ends of your natural,coily strands,need to be SNIPPED. It does not look cute. And no conditioners or hot oil will fix it.


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