Threading Vs Waxing

When it comes to the perfect brows,how you remove the excess hair is key.


Some say waxing is better. Some say threading is. Well I say that it is a matter of opinion. Also how thin or thick your brows are. I have been threaded and waxed. I like the shaping that threading gives. But I think waxing leaves the area cleaner looking. They will tell you that threading hurts less.eye-brow-threading In my opinion it does not! At least with waxing,its over quicker. With threading its a continuous,slow, plucking. Ouch !! as far as which lasts longer,its about the same. You can’t thread as soon as the hair comes back either. You’ll need a sixteenth of an inch of hair growth before the thread can wrap around the hair, meaning you do have to wait until it is noticeable to get your eyebrows done again. With waxing,you can do it as soon as you see stubble.

threaded-brows Waxing is also much quicker. You may experience some redness afterward, but that’s to be expected. So try them both,I say. Then judge for your own self .


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