Three Shrinkage Hacks

shrink-hack-1Shrinkage is part of the natural hair journey. Naturalistas should know how to work with their curls, not against them.

A hack is a more efficient way of doing something that solves a problem. So here are three shrinkage hacks to help you achieve a stretched look with your curls, and reduce your shrinkage.


A braid-out is done on damp hair. The hair is then braided in individual braids or cornrows. Apply pomade,gel,or any hair setting product to each section. After a few hours or overnight, apply a little oil and separate the braid. These stretched styles work wonders to stretch your hair, producing beautifully defined curls. The tension helps to retain the length while the hair is stretched, so the coils won’t be able to shrink as easily. braid-out

Roller Set

A roller set is an excellent,heat free way to stretch the hair! Detangle damp hair before rolling. It’s best to stay away from heavier products. Opt for a foam,mousse,or even a leave-in conditioner. Sit underneath a hooded dryer and allow your hair to dry completely before removing rollers. Magnetic rollers are the most gentle and effective. The snap-on rollers give smoother results and are easiest to use.shrinkage-hack


My personal fave,and the easiest stretched style. This can be done on both wet and dry hair. If you want the most stretch for your hair, make sure it’s moisturized by using a good leave-in and styling product. Pay special attention to your ends and use a dime amount of butter or pomade to keep your edges smooth. With longer hair, begin twisting the loose hair in three to four twists to give you looser curls.bunning


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