Five Beauty Uses For Vaseline

vaselineWho would have thought that tiny jar of vaseline could do so much for your looks?! The affordable drugstore staple has been around for 150 years! Viola Davis glowed at this years Golden Globes.

She credits this to her use of vaseline.” Vaseline was affordable, it was readily available, and it worked wonders most importantly. It was also multipurpose. My sister used it when she burnt the whole side of her face making sugar candy. It soothed her burns. We had a lot of dry, cracked skin that ended up being cracked in our joints, and the Vaseline soothed that. And I still use it to this day on my daughter and on the bottom of my feet. It’s my go-to product.” She said.

Here are five other beauty uses for vaseline:


  1. Remove eyelash glue. It can be tricky to get them off without pulling out your natural lashes, too. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your lash-line and the falsies will come off much easier.


2. Use it to highlight and contour. Mix Vaseline with your fave liquid bronzer. Spread the formula on your legs,apples of cheeks,tip of nose etc.


 bey2bey                                                                       3. Homemade lip gloss. Mix a packet of Kool-Aid (like cherry!) with a tablespoon of Vaseline. When you apply it to your lips, the balm will give you a red lip that lasts.

landscape-1459872234-a65r8442-new-copy-1               4. Neaten your brows. Keep unruly eyebrows in place by smoothing Vaseline over your arches. They won’t move all day long.

2ce1d4b50d99e394bb6ca8811dfb07f5                                                                               5.Boost your eye cream. Dotting Vaseline over your eye serum or face cream can double the strength of the first layer’s ingredients (because Vaseline prevents moisture evaporation). Just don’t apply over retinol-based formulas or other similarly powerful products(it may irritate your skin).




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