Five Ways to Manage Your Bob Haircut

Image courtesy of hairstylist Erica Spicer.
Image courtesy of hairstylist Erica Spicer.

One of the first cuts I mastered in beauty school was a basic bob. It was fairly easy to do. Later, once I became a licensed booth renter. I mastered the layered and slant bob styles. Every year the bob keeps getting remixed and changed up a bit.


Here are five ways to maintain a bob hair cut.trimming-natural-hair3

1. Keep up with your trims. You may need to get the style reshaped every 6-10 weeks. If you start having trouble styling and curling it, its time to get it trimmed again.satinbonnet

2. Cover or wrap your hair nightly and while showering. This will help keep the style fresh and full of body inbetween hair appointments.daf1230e6a7b0273fcf06d4a674b911e

3. Stick to wraps and sets. Limit heat styling. Too much heat on your hair can make it look dry and brittle.beyonce-rocks-short-bob-haircut-at-v-festival-26beyonce-rocks-short-bob-haircut-at-v-festival-23

4. Apply oils sparingly. If you wanna keep that bouncey body, limit the

5. Shampoo your hair according to your own needs. Some people work out.  Some people have chronic flaking scalp. Everyone can’t wait every two weeks for a shampoo. A cut looks its best when the hair is freshly washed and clean!


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