The Afro Puff


There is nothing cuter than, or more convenient, a nice puff! I wear them all the time. You CAN achieve a cute high puff without the pain and the damage to your natural hair. Ignoring a tight headband all day for the sake of a cute puff can put you at risk for traction alopecia (thin spots on the sides,back,etc.) . 69a45562a5a00ecaf27f03ae65e69c92 Use a long, thin silk or satin scarf . You’re better able to control how tight your hair will be as you tie the scarf to form your puff. 72bd0a67154fb8ad03feee2e27f1ebe7

And, as you may already know, the benefits of using these materials as opposed to cotton accessories is that they won’t suck the moisture from your hair.


Worlds Of Curls

For YEARS I wore my hair short & loved it. Now am in love with voluminous curls! It’s a bonus that this style is also a trend right now!I just blend my natural hair in front with a little extra added length in the back. But you don’t have to be natural to wear this curly look. Here are some hair care tips for all you curly head divas out there!


 You  can’t over-condition frizzy hair. You need a heavy conditioner for use every time you shampoo, and a deep conditioner for use once a week.

Enhance your curls with a cream created for curly hair. Rub it in and let hair air dry. If you’re wearing a synthetic wig, just use water & a detangler spray.

The more you play with your curls, touching them etc, the more chances you’ll get frizz. This is a fuss free style. So stop fussin with it!



If you achieve this style by a roller set, make sure your hair is COMPLETLEY dry before you take the rods or rollers out. Strawllers setting foam & rollers are good to try to achieve this look. But a regular setting lotion & rods works just fine too!

Top 5 Low Priced Products For Biracial Hair

I get a lot of calls & emails about biracial hair.

How to manage it and what products to use. There are MANY great products out there.With today’s economy however, clients want to get the most for their money. Here are 5 reasonably priced products. Some of these products I’ve used and some were highly recommended by others.

Coconut oil is great for little girls with either natural or biracial hair. Apply a little to clean, damp hair.Hair can be smoothed  up into ponytails or braided.Adults can also use this to add moisture & shine to their curls.This is a pretty cheap product but I know many people with BEAUTIFUL HAIR who swear by it !

Cholesterol is a very thick,rich conditioner.It works great when you let it sit with a plastic cap for 30 min.If you like to wear your hair curly,this will eliminate frizz and make your curls look DIVINE!Make sure you rinse this out well.

Creme of nature shampoo is 1 of the mildest shampoos around.Great for natural and biracial hair!It Softens and moisturizes.

Frizz ease’s whole line works well on biracial hair and can be found in most drug stores.

Chi silk infusion is a little pricier than the other products.If you like a sleeker look,this is great to use.This is a great product to use when flat ironing.

Happy To Be Nappy ?

This is going to be my LAST blog on natural hair !!! SMH lol !!!

I am so tired of talking about it ! Lol !

First off  . . . . .


Natural hair is NOT BETTER than relaxed hair & vice versa .

A lot of these ” natural fanatics ” were traumatized by stylist who didn’t know what they were doing. Some by ” kitchen beauticians ” & their box perms .

It is possible to have healthy hair with a relaxer . As long as you visit a salon on a regular basis & maintain your hair well at home .

My main gripe is these women who are so into being natural but they don’t embrace REAL NATURAL STYLES ?! Where they do that at ??!!


If you are going to be natural you should not have a problem wearing an afro, or two strand twist set , locs , etc.

Double strand twists

 Your edges being a lil fuzzy should also not bother you . If you are constantly trying to change the texture you were born with WHY are you natural ? If you ALWAYS want to wear it like it was when you were relaxed why did you ever switch ?? What was the point in that ?!

Beautiful natural style !



Some ppl are allergic to relaxers & I understand that .

My second gripe is , I feel some ppl are just cheap & lazy .

If you want healthy hair that is always nicely groomed you will always need a stylist . Natural or not . Also , you will still have to actually DO YOUR HAIR . Depending on how you want to look & maintain your hair,it will always require some maintence.

I also believe the texture of a person’s hair affects how they will adjust to being natural . All black folks were not born with the same thickness & texture of hair. You may have gotten a relaxer at a young age . Then your hair was kinky aka ” Nappy “. Guess what ? It’s STILL going to be that way for life . Just because you decided to ” Go natural ” that does not mean you now have different hair .

I am not againist ppl being natural (I was natural in 2001) . I just get annoyed by some women who think that natural is better but they don’t really understand what it fully means to be natural.

You will still need to visit the salon for trims,maintence & styling .

You can still have damaged hair .

 Too much heat,tight braids & hair color will damage your hair also .

OKAY  . . . . I’m done ranting lol !  I don’t have an issue with natural hair at all ! Just know that it is not BETTER  thats all I’m sayin .