Four Things You Can Do For Damaged Hair That Really Work

5a3173c97bf71df20a7d9b50c416fcd8Everyone has experiences with hair damage from time to time. It happens to the best of us. Here are four things you can do that will put you back on track fast !

  1. GET A TRIM,OR FULL HAIR CUT.293f0bde89e444566531214e339dc3f6

This is what most people hate to do but holding on to damaged hair is not going to help you. Sure, you could grow it out and wait,but your hair will look bad! Damaged hair lacks shine,and body. Damaged hair is hard to hide. No matter what you try to do,it will still look a hot mess. Just cut it.

2. Deep condition weekly.

Purchase a really good,high quality hair conditioner. For about 3 weeks, deep condition your hair after every shampoo. Put a plastic cap on your head after you apply the conditioner,to encourage penetration to your hair’s inner layers. Let sit for 20 min.Black-woman-wearing-plastic-cap-over-her-hair

3.Wear a protective style.

Give your hair a break,and wear a protective style for about a month or so.  Chrisette Michele

4. Take a break from heat.


Start wearing wash and sets for awhile.


Three Tips for Hair Damaged By Hair Color

FullSizeRender-1No matter how much hair stylist warn people NOT to color their own hair. They still do it ! Lol. Changing up your hair color can be fun and give you a whole new look, but all the chemicals used can damage your tresses. African-American hair is usually drier than most other types of hair, so it’s particularly susceptible to damage from chemicals. Treatment of color-damaged black hair is similar in many ways to that of other hair types. It’s important to treat color-damaged black hair properly to encourage new hair growth, promote repair and get your mane back on track to healthy.b39a82c54f5aab471b3144869c3b91de

  1. Go easy on the heat ! If you must, apply a heat protectant !
  2. Once you bleach and dye your hair, the chemical makeup is gonna be different for a while. The only way to get your hair truly healthy again is to let it grow out. But if you’re not up for that, just consistently use hair masks and treatments to keep proteins in your follicles. You bleached and dyed your hair, you sucked out the moisture, so you have to artificially drop all that good stuff back in on a regular basis with hair masks. Or treatments with your hair stylist.
  3. Don’t wash it as much, unless absolutely necessary. When you do finally have to wash your hair, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to preserve the color— or better yet, a cleansing conditioner.b314699e6c141ed7ad74958b4f5b4b7a


The Hair Blues

All hairstylist have had a client that was hard to please before. These are the ones who go from salon to salon complaining about the last one. Naturally, as both artists and professionals, we stylists go out of our way to please. We want to be that hot,talented stylist who can tame even the worst hair. But all that pressure to be “perfect” and to solve a client’s hair woes in one visit (If at all) can actually backfire. Sometimes when you try too hard you mess up. Sometimes the culprit in women’s hair – horror stories is not the stylist .

Here are some reasons/factors as to why some women are never pleased with their salon visits .

1. Too many stylists in your hair

Every hairstylist does not have the same style/skill. They also all do not use the same products. Your hair is confused & you maybe also. Everyone keeps giving conflicting hair advice and you don’t know who to listen to!? However,I do feel that people should have a back up stylist. Find a salon and stick with them for 3 months. Listen to their advice but also do research online by googling hair concerns.

2. Poor health

There are many health issues that affect your hair. Some you may not even be aware of. Eating disorders, stress, and even fungus can affect your hair growth. Sometimes the treatments for certain conditions (most notable chemotherapy for cancer patients) . Our bodies have a way of communicating things to us. Changes in your hair could signal a problem.

3. Medications

Some medicines can thin or completely take your hair out. So consult with your doctor .

4. Age

Wrinkles and high cholesterol are not the only things that happen as we get older. Our hair changes too! It turns grey & so does the texture of it. The hair can also thin and fall out. You may have to trade in that long mane (that was once thick) for a shorter,trendier style. You also may have to change your products.

5. Doing It Your Self

I know that times are hard for a lot of people. I think this is why natural hair maybe so popular right now. Staying away from chemicals is definitely cheaper and less damaging. But going natural is not an option for everybody. Some people have done their own relaxers and color for years and had no problems. I can’t explain why that is but I do know that MOST people eventually mess up their own hair. So I suggest leaving the cutting and chemicals to the stylist! You can do everything else yourself.

I believe their is a solution for every hair issue. It may not always be what we would prefer though. The best outcome that you can hope for is healthy hair. That does not always mean long hair down your back. Healthy hair means and looks different for everyone. Make sure that your hair and scalp are always clean. Wigs and weaves can always give you those styles that you can’t have but want.