Three Tips for Hair Damaged By Hair Color

FullSizeRender-1No matter how much hair stylist warn people NOT to color their own hair. They still do it ! Lol. Changing up your hair color can be fun and give you a whole new look, but all the chemicals used can damage your tresses. African-American hair is usually drier than most other types of hair, so it’s particularly susceptible to damage from chemicals. Treatment of color-damaged black hair is similar in many ways to that of other hair types. It’s important to treat color-damaged black hair properly to encourage new hair growth, promote repair and get your mane back on track to healthy.b39a82c54f5aab471b3144869c3b91de

  1. Go easy on the heat ! If you must, apply a heat protectant !
  2. Once you bleach and dye your hair, the chemical makeup is gonna be different for a while. The only way to get your hair truly healthy again is to let it grow out. But if you’re not up for that, just consistently use hair masks and treatments to keep proteins in your follicles. You bleached and dyed your hair, you sucked out the moisture, so you have to artificially drop all that good stuff back in on a regular basis with hair masks. Or treatments with your hair stylist.
  3. Don’t wash it as much, unless absolutely necessary. When you do finally have to wash your hair, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to preserve the color— or better yet, a cleansing conditioner.b314699e6c141ed7ad74958b4f5b4b7a



Breaking Season

Winter is the season that woman of all hair types experience the most breakage.

Just like the leaves fall & branches snap crackle & pop under ice & snow,hair takes a beating. Make sure to deep condition after every shampoo when the weather gets cold. Try to also go as long as you possibly can without a shampoo. never put conditioner onto dripping wet hair.

Image From Strawberry Strands Salon

Blot as much water off your hair as possible. Coat the hair generously with conditioner & apply a plastic cap. Leave on for about 30 min. A cheap deep conditioning method would be to add 1 egg to your conditioner. Rinse well & then apply a deep moisturizing conditioner.

If you make up your own conditioning treatment. make sure to refrigerate the leftovers

Rinse well with luke warm water & then rinse again with cold water.

Client’s hair was roller wrapped. make sure that you also limit your use of heat styling. Image From Strawberry Strands Salon