Five Benefits of Booking Biweekly Appointments With Your Hair Stylist


appointmentFor some women,a trip to the hair salon is a luxury expense. Something they only do for special occasions. For others, it’s a very necessary

As a hairstylist, I could pick any random woman off the street, and tell you which category she falls into. When someone’s hair is being professionally cared for on the regular IT SHOWS!


Even if said woman has it in a ponytail for a few days. The ends look fresh and clean. Hair is shinier and softer… These are just a few of the benefits…


  1. You will spend less money on hair products. If your stylist sells products inside her salon,she may try to get you to buy a few maintenance products for in between touch ups. But you should not be spending major bucks on hair curlers,shampoo,or chemicals. If you are going to the salon every two weeks,it’s already supplied there for you.  heat-damaged-natural-hair-simple
  2. You will have less damage. Often times when I see damage,it is on people who are advid “do-it-your-selfers”. They take risks to save money but often end up paying more to correct (or cover up) the damage they have done. Your stylist should be trimming,deep conditioning,etc. on a periodic basis during your visits. keravada
  3. Your hairstylist has better product knowledge. Hairstylist are taught in beauty school how to choose good products for the type of hair they will be servicing. It Isn’t just about the price. A 40$ bottle of shampoo will do nothing for someone whose hair is falling out in the sink. Your stylist will always know what to do and use when she sees your hair at your appointments. Which means your hair should ALWAYS look healthy! large
  4. Longer hair. If longer hair is your goal,good products,maintenance,and the regular, professional touch of a professional, will help! 1ef5e106699083860bfd71b2d35808ea
  5. Your hair will never be boring! Most hairstylist are creative by nature. Wanna try curls one week? Straight the next? Crochet after that? Your stylist should have you covered! You won’t have to worry about going back to your struggling ponytail after a hairstyle wears out. If you are on books regularly,that ponytail should be a thing of the past.



Lena Horne:Natural Hair Inspiration

Before there was a Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. There was Lena Mary Calhoun Horne. Lena will go down as one of the most beautiful,african american women, of all time. Lena wore many elegant hairstyles on her naturally curly hair. Lena Horne was reportedly descended from a mixture of African-American, Native American, and European American descent. She was born June 30, 1917 and died May 9, 2010 of congestive heart failure. She was 92.

Here are five hairstyles Lena has worn,that would STILL SLAY today!




Playful updo.



images (1)
Pretty head wrap.



with daughter,Gail Jones.



Bejeweled do !




Four Hair Loss Prevention Products


Hair loss can be devastating. It can affect both men and woman alike. Genetics play a big part in hair loss. It also may come from how you maintenance your hair and scalp. Stress is known to exacerbate hair thinning as well.

There are however, some ways to fight hair loss… Check out these four hair loss prevention products!

  1.  Switch out your shampoo for one that’s targeted to help treat thinning2281362

     2.   Supplements are another route to explore.IMG_0921[1]

     3.  Use a stimulating scalp mask regularly to help cleanse and tone your scalp. “Hair grows its best from a healthy scalp that is free from flakes, excessive yeasts, and bacteria.maxresdefault

4. Minoxidil (Rogaine®) and Finasteride (Propecia®) are two popular hair loss remedies that have been proven to be effective at reducing hair loss and, in some cases, even growing new hair.




Three Hair Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

cf041318e29736b993ef8c4728f2bb36What isn’t apple cider vinegar good for? Weight loss,skin,female issues,etc. Apple cider vinegar has long been used as a natural hair care product to promote healthy hair in both men and woman. Its acidity is close to that of natural hair, it’s a good conditioner and cleaning agent and it’s also an effective germ killer.

Benefits for the hair include:

1.Vinegar hair rinse. Hair is on the mildly acidic side of the pH scale and has an ideal pH of 4.5 to 5.5, which is close to that of an apple cider vinegar rinse (pH 2.9). On the other hand, many of the hair care products we use, such as soap-based shampoos, bleaches, hair colors, and permanents are strongly alkaline. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will help balance the pH of your hair and remove the buildup that can result from the use of these styling products and inexpensive shampoos.

2. Dandruff and itchy scalp relief. The acids and enzymes in acv kill the bottle bacillus, a bacteria that is one of the causes for many scalp and hair conditions such as dandruff, itchy scalp, hair loss and often baldness. The bacteria clogs hair follicles allowing dry crusts to form that itch and flake. For a simple home treatment for dandruff and itchy scalp, apply full strength acv to the scalp, rub in, and leave on for a half hour to an hour before washing your hair.

3.Natural hair loss treatment. For bald and thinning areas apply to scalp an hour before shampooing- 2 Tbsp acv mixed with a tiny pinch cayenne powder.
Then before going to bed, mix a royal jelly capsule with one tsp acv, pat on bald areas and leave overnight.d24c7af582dbce7828ebed6a2eef8fab

The following herbs have also been used to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth:

  • Burdock
  • Catnip
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Thyme
  • Yucca


The Afro Puff


There is nothing cuter than, or more convenient, a nice puff! I wear them all the time. You CAN achieve a cute high puff without the pain and the damage to your natural hair. Ignoring a tight headband all day for the sake of a cute puff can put you at risk for traction alopecia (thin spots on the sides,back,etc.) . 69a45562a5a00ecaf27f03ae65e69c92 Use a long, thin silk or satin scarf . You’re better able to control how tight your hair will be as you tie the scarf to form your puff. 72bd0a67154fb8ad03feee2e27f1ebe7

And, as you may already know, the benefits of using these materials as opposed to cotton accessories is that they won’t suck the moisture from your hair.

Four Invigorating Scalp Treatments

Want healthier hair? The solution may be closer to the roots.


If you have a dry,irritated scalp,the hair. The hair your follicles produced will probably be dry and unhealthy too.

Here are four scalp nourishing treatments:


Part hair into quadrants and apply tea tree oil with a soaked cotton ball. Tea tree oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It has a slightly medicinal smell and should never be applied without a carrier oil. You can mix tea tree oil with any type of oil, vegetable glycerin, or even aloe vera and apply to the scalp. You may notice a slight tingling and refreshed feeling minutes after applying. Tea tree oil will prevent any fungus or bacteria from growing on the scalp. Be sure to wash your hands after handling it.


Witch Hazel is a natural astringent, and will help tighten the skin and scalp naturally. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and like Tea tree oil, will also help to fight bacteria from growing on the scalp. Section your hair and try running a cotton ball saturated with Witch Hazel over your scalp. Once dry, your scalp should feel airy and fresh. Witch hazel also helps to treat mild scalp irritation.


Peppermint oil also requires a carrier oil and should not be used directly on the scalp or skin. Not only is peppermint oil great for refreshing the scalp, but it also stimulates and promotes hair growth. Peppermint oil is ideal for itchy or dry scalp, and also aids in controlling dandruff problems. Try mixing a couple of drops to a spray bottle with Aloe Vera juice and distilled water. Spray directly onto the scalp. Allow your hair to air dry and you’ll feel like you have a freshly washed head of hair.


Lemon juice is also a natural astringent and contains antiseptic properties. It can be used on the scalp to clarify, fight off bacteria and treat dandruff and itchy scalp. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to your hair oil of choice. Apply to the scalp with a cotton ball.


Turn Your Shower Into Your Personal Spa


Having beautiful hair and skin requires a little work. But that can be hard to do when you’re super busy. You may be a busy mom,or a super driven career woman. Here are some tips and product recommendations. No matter how busy you are,you will definitely be able to cram in some pampering.

The best times to squeeze in some pamper me time is when you bathe. Aside from getting regular trims,you should be deep conditioning your hair as well.



Naturally thick and curly hair needs lots of moisture. Mixed Chicks understands that. This creamy concoction  works great on dry hair ! Leaves the hair feeling nice and soft. Just add in a dollop after your normal shampoo routine,in the shower. Cover with a plastic cap. Rinse when you are done showering.

Black charcoal based hair and facial treatments are all the rage right now.

The benefits:

  • Make pores smaller and cleaner. …
  • Take care of oily skin. …
  • Treat acne. …
  • Deep clean your skin. …
  • Soothe and heal bites, cuts and skin irritations. …
  • Rid your hair of toxins. …
  • Add volume to your hair.
  • Remedy scalp conditions.


claims-loreal-clay-maskI really like L’Oreal’s black charcoal mask! If you have hyper pigmentation,it will make your skin radiant and toned. Apply in the shower after you’ve gotten your face wet and cleansed. Keep the mask on well after you’ve showered. Brush your teeth,iron clothes,etc. Just before you get dressed the mask should be dry. Towel off with a warm towel.

It’s such a blessing you can find multipurpose beauty treatments. Aztec Secret is my favorite for just that reason! Bentonite clay is known to draw dirt and impurities from the hair and skin, without over drying it of its natural oils. On the hair,It’s an alternative to traditional clarifying shampoos.


Here is how you use the mask on your hair:

  1. Place the clay into your bowl first.
  2. Add desired essential oils.
  3. Add the apple cider vinegar, but before you add the water, let it foam up a bit.
  4. Allow it to begin its reaction.
  5. Finally, add the water.
  6. You can use your hands and apply it to wet or dry hair.
  7. Apply it from the roots to the ends of your hair.
  8. Leave on the mask for 20-30 minutes.
  9. It will be easier to rinse out your hair in the shower.
  10. Use warm water and rinse thoroughly.
  11. Do not leave any clay in your hair as it will dry up and look awful.
  12. Once you think you have all the clay removed, use your regular conditioner.
  13. Let your conditioner sit on your hair for about five minutes.
  14. Rinse again.

All of these treatments can be squeezed into any shower session. So here’s to looking refreshed on a tight schedule!