The Afro Puff


There is nothing cuter than, or more convenient, a nice puff! I wear them all the time. You CAN achieve a cute high puff without the pain and the damage to your natural hair. Ignoring a tight headband all day for the sake of a cute puff can put you at risk for traction alopecia (thin spots on the sides,back,etc.) . 69a45562a5a00ecaf27f03ae65e69c92 Use a long, thin silk or satin scarf . You’re better able to control how tight your hair will be as you tie the scarf to form your puff. 72bd0a67154fb8ad03feee2e27f1ebe7

And, as you may already know, the benefits of using these materials as opposed to cotton accessories is that they won’t suck the moisture from your hair.


Oops Upside Your Head

When I was a lil girl, my favorite style was a side ponytail lol !

Ponytails are the most universal of all hair styles.

They can be dressed up or down. Worn by both men and woman, young and old.

There are all sorts of quirky ways to wear a ponytail. Be creative ! You also do not always have to use gel to do a ponytail. There are other products such as: pomade,hair wax and mousse.

Just remember not to wear a ponytail too tight. Putting too much pressure on the roots can cause breakage.