Pulling Off A Fade Haircut

5ef5da0977522cb35edfad9f088bfa26One of the hardest hairstyles (next to being bald) to pull off is the fade. Now that the weather is warmer many woman are looking for cooler style options. Also busy lifestyles and workout regimens play a part in a woman’s hairstyle choices.

If you have the confidence, you can pull off anything,BUT…. For some, having the right facial features and bone structure,can make the difference between looking too hard or incredibly sexy. Honestly, I have seen some women with a really nice fade,but it just did not fit their facial features. They had the right idea,and barber/stylist,but they just couldn’t “sell the look”. Makeup,and accessories also help A LOT. So if this is the look you have decided to rock,do you! Because ultimately at the end of the day,it is how the person who is wearing the look feels while wearing it. 94586cf68e0308a8ee9ed4b4b7cbc05d--shaved-hairstyles-short-natural-hairstyles


3 Ways To Better Your Salon Experience

A woman’s relationship with her hair stylist is an important one. Many woman shop hop because they are unhappy. They may find a salon that does great hair,but is unclean. Here are some tips that may help. I have been on both sides of the fence!

1. Research .

Google salons in your area or ask around. You may even meet someone who will refer you to their salon. Just know that every salon is not for everybody. The stylist’s work may be good, but you may not like the atmosphere. Or it could be vice versa. Location may be another factor. It may be impossible to have everything the way you like it though. You will just have to weigh the pros & cons.

2. Book Ahead.

Everybody wants a friday or saturday hair appointment. So don’t get mad if you call thursday night to book 1 of those days & you can’t. It’s just business,its nothing personal. You are not the only one with a busy schedule. Other people have kids and families themselves. Often saturday is the day women choose  to get their hair done. Booking your next appointment at the time of your present one ensures you a spot before it’s too late.

3. Tip .

When you tip you get better service.

A person providing a service to you will never blatantly ask you for a tip. But best believe they will not forget you the next time lol ! I tip bartenders,nail techs, waiters, ect. It lets people know that you appreciate the work they put in to serving you. If you visit your salon every week, I think that is tip enough. And I do understand sometimes when people cannot tip. Some women have multiple daughters, plus themselves to pay for.