5 Benefits Of A Short Haircut

Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon

Short haircuts are as sexy as they are easy! Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You will use less product.

Products to be used for short hair such as shampoo, hair conditioners, gel etc. are needed in small amounts. To style this look on Monica, I would have used only two products. This style could have been spiked & curled with paul mitchell spray wax. A shine spray would have been used afterward. WALLA! That’s it!
2. Less styling time.
You will not have to spend much time washing short hair and the time required for a hair style is also less.
3. Instant style swag!
A BIG part of amber rose’s appeal & brand,is her buzz cut. Its’s kinda hard to have a short cut & look dowdy. HMmm could that be because you can’t whip it into a ponytail??
4. Healthier hair!
Short hair is always being trimmed & pruned. Split ends don’t have a chance to develop. There is always fresh new hair on display. The longer your hair is, the older it is.
5. You look younger
A short style can give your face a lift instead of dragging down your features. Short dos open up your entire face and draws attention to your eyes and smile!