Everything Old is New Again: Four Recycled Natural Styles

You can’t do anything unique, because odds are, it’s been done before. You can apply that to anything! Yes,even the latest natural hair trends! The “do” you just discovered on YouTube,has been around since the days of Billie Holiday.

  1. Flowers as hair accessories


One night before a performance, Billie burned her hair with a marcel curling iron. The show had to go on! So she threw a few gardenias over the charred pieces,and kept it moving. She then realized that the look was kind of cute. So she began to put a gardenia in her hair before every performance.

2. Short fro


Cicely in the early 80’s with, (her husband at the time) the late Miles Davis.

Cicely Tyson, was not only an actress but a model as well. This led to her taking many risks with her hair earlier in her career. Many were shocked by her short natural fro in those days. On an episode of, Oprah’s Life Class,Cicely described it as freeing.

3. Pincurls

Pin curls have been trendy off and on since the 1920’s. On women of all races and lengths of hair. They were often set into the hair. Josephine baker achieved her pin curled look with runny egg whites. The look would be dry,and crispy to the touch. Later she created her own hair wax.000129-860 Very ahead of her time!

4. Fulani tribal braids

Many of the younger women that I saw rockin fulani braids this summer,probably never heard of Patrice Rushen. She was the 70’s and 80’s r&b singer,who could sing and play the piano. Yes, way before Alicia Keys.