The Doobie Wrap

Wearing a doobie is one of the best ways to keep your hair looking & feeling healthy.

Too much heat styling isn’t good for anybody . For african american women with relaxed hair it is definitely a no go !!

Relaxers dry the hair out enough, & when u add excessive heat that weakens the hair even more .

A real hairstylist who loves what she does & is knowledgeable also about her craft will take care of your tresses ! Anybody can style the hair & make it ” look good “. Not just anybody can grow your hair & get it healthy ! That takes having a license AND going to hair shows & work shops . The Bronner Bros. show is a common one that most people know about . A stylist who is passionate about her craft will seek out other shows as well . I am always online looking things up & joining beauty forums . When u know your stuff can’t nobody tell you you’re not good !

The doobie wrap roller setting technique came from the dominican republic . I use to work with a dominican & she taught me a lot of things that I did not learn in school. She told me what products were the best & taught me how to use a round brush . The only chix that seem to know about how good the Dominicans are , are from up north . I believe the dominican salons have such a great reputation because they don’t do a lot of heat styling. If your hair is over 3 inches long oh, they puttin a roller up in there ! Lol ! You can best believe that !!!  Their are’nt a lot of dominican salons in the south though . Florida maybe another good spot though to find them .


After I shampoo the hair I apply a conditioner. I let it sit in about 10 min WITH HEAT . Then I roll the hair up . I select my roller size based upon how the client likes to wear their hair . Some like a curly doobie . Some like it straight with lots of body. I also go by the hair length . This lady has long hair .

STEP 2 :

Hair is dried under the dryer . I tell my customers to stay under the dryer for the FULL DURATION of time !! Don’t come out when it starts to cool down . The reason dryers get cool before they stop is to cool down your hair . The cool air SETS the curl pattern in your hair . If the rollers are removed & combed out while the hair is still hot their will be no curls . If you like a curly doobie make sure your hair is cooled before those rollers come out .


Hair is then brushed into a flat wrap with a paddle brush . I do apply a lil shine too at this time .


STEP 4 :

Customer is then placed back under a warm  dryer for about 10 min


The finished product has a bit of curl & loads of body !!

This lady also has layers in her hair . Doobies look great on layered hair !


5 thoughts on “The Doobie Wrap

  1. I liked what I seen and read and I do want to be one of the best at what I do as well as making my clients happy and word of mouth will increase my cleints and the Boner Bro show was great this pass weekend!


    1. Thank You. Sometimes I just use a leave in conditioner. Sometimes I use a leave in & a foam wrap. I like to use nairobi products,kericare,vitale…. It really just depends on the head of hair I am styling. I do not use the same line of products on every client.


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