Body Shapers

People are going crazy with the body shapers ! Don’t get me wrong …… I got me a pair of spanx ! But body shapers should not replace EXERCISE !

Body shapers should smooth out those lumps & bumps . If you wear a size 16 & wanna rock a size 12 outfit ………… Girl boo ! You need a gym membership not a body shaper .

obesity is running rampant in the african american community . Young girls are confusing “thick” with “fat”. I do believe that not every woman is meant to be a size 6 . I would be a size 6 if it weren’t for my booty ! All I am saying is be healthy & REALISTIC . Stop being lazy & looking for quick fixes . No body shaper can replace a good old-fashioned fit body . When it’s that time of the month spanx come in real handy. Most women are bloated during this time . But if you weigh 200lbs & are 4,11 you are crazy to think that you’ll look good in skinny jeans. I don’t think they make elastic that strong .


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