The Light Skin/Dark Skin Debate Is Old And Tired!

Why are we as black people still on the light skin/dark skin issue?Skin color has been used as a tool of separation since the days of slavery within the black community. This issue  has plagued  African-Americans for hundreds of years.

Here it is now, 2011 and its getting old.I know that my one little rant of a blog won’t change the world.However, my respect level always goes down a little for people who are still stuck on this.Everything from dark skin woman using their shade as a reason to justify their feelings of low self esteem.To light skin woman using the tag: #TeamLightSkin on twitter.Its all a hot,ignorant mess to me.We have come so far & broken down so many barriers.At the end of the day we are all BLACK and being BLACK is not a disease.Just because you happen to have come out lighter does not make you automatically attractive.Anybody can be perceived as ugly, dark skin or light. I question the self esteem of anybody who is too cocky or insecure about their shade of black. This is silly.



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