5 Things You Need to Know About Hair Growth

Of all the hair concerns woman have, hair growth is usually one of them. Normally hair grows half an inch a month. Age, medications and overall health can affect this rate of hair growth. Below are five things you need to know about hair growth.


Drink plenty of water

Drinking a sufficient amount of water will support hair growth and moisturize your hair. Water helps to regulate the circulatory system, which then feeds the hair follicles. This causes hair growth. If your roots are deficient in moisture, your hair will eventually become brittle. This halts hair growth.

Use the right shampoo

A lot of shampoos on the market can be harsh due to their ingredients. This is definitely bad news for African American hair. Kinky,coily hair types need to be extra careful about which shampoo they use. Seek out shampoos that contain organic oils. The oils will combat dryness and leave your hair feeling healthy and soft. Jojoba oil and argan are organic oils which promote hair growth.

Pay attention to hair ends

Visit a hair professional to clean up hair ends every three to four months. This will rid hair of any split ends and encourage hair growth. When hair ends are in tip-top shape, hair will grow properly without damage. Only a 1/2 inch, at most, needs to be trimmed.

Air dry when possible

After shampooing your hair, the best way to dry it is by blotting it gently with an old tee shirt. Avoid using the blow dryer as the excess heat can weaken your hair. If you must use your blow dryer, use the coolest setting. A silk scarf can also be wrapped around the hair and left to dry overnight.

Take fish oil supplements

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial to hair growth. These supplements are especially good at combating dryness and dullness. Hair will become more radiant, softer, and stronger. Fish oil can also help prevent dandruff.


In conclusion, hair growth will undoubtedly be boosted if these tips are followed consistently.



Removing Build Up After Wearing a Protective Style.


Anyone who has worn a protective style past two weeks,can see the build up of dirt. Sometimes that build up can cause new growth to mat up at the root. This matting can cause excessive shedding and hair loss. The whole purpose of protective styling is to GROW hair. Not take it out. Some may leave a protective style in past three weeks! Whew! That is a lot of dirt and oily build up! Not to mention the smell!

First, gently remove extensions,protective style. Unravel gently or rake through hair with your fingers. You may also use a wide tooth comb to separate and unravel hair. Next use a clarifying shampoo to strip out all the dirt,product,and oil that your hair has accumulated.


After this,you can also spritz the hair all over with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle.maxresdefault (4) Massage through. Rinse. Then apply a deep conditioner and also to sit on your hair for at least twenty minutes. Rinse,style as desired.

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How To Remove Crochet Styles

Crochet styles are the most popular form of protective style right now.



You can keep them in for up to 6 weeks. A protective style gives you the chance to try a different look,while also giving your real hair a break. 43d985ab09c0fe686025633b3a63c546--natural-black-hairstyles-natural-hair-styles 12dea84cd3ee0c30bb4fe70a67636e95


Giving the hair a break from heat,products and chemicals will help to aid in hair growth as well.


Taking the crochet style out however, is just as important. If you have not worn the style very long,you may want to reuse the hair. In this case,you may want to section off your style and unravel it at the base of the cornrow or braid. If you’ve had the style in for awhile, it’s probably sour and dirty,simply cut it out. Cut the hair as close to the braid or cornrow as you can. Then pull it out .

maxresdefault (1).jpg
Cutting out a crochet.
maxresdefault (2)
Unraveling a crochet.

It’s Cutting Season!

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I know that most sistas are natural these days,but some still relax their hair. In order to wear some of the hottest short cuts these days,you almost HAVE to relax your hair. But get it done PROFESSIONALLY! 63853_1560461887023_3357670_n

Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon . Stylist Erica Spicer .



Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon . Stylist Erica Spicer .


cb5cd76e43e5ee26ee0c348ff5c36cc11. Only relax your hair every 8-12 weeks depending on your hair texture. DO NOT relax your hair every time you see new growth.


Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon . Stylist Erica Spicer .



Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon . Stylist Erica Spicer .


2. Avoid using extreme heat on your hair to style. When possible try to avoid heat all together. Use other methods of achieving curls and style settings like magnetic rollers, wet setting and curlformers. Heat should NOT be used everyday of the week. If you are going to blow dry your hair make sure it’s partially dry and turn the heat to medium. Just remember too much heat is damaging. 033622d29792dd3ca09329be4486d8f8

3. Keep up with your trims! Every three weeks to shape up, Every seven to eight weeks for a FULL CUT when you get your touch up.

Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon . Stylist Erica Spicer . 




Image Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon . Stylist Erica Spicer .



10 The Bob Way

The bob hair style has got to be the most popular hairstyle! I do that hair cut more than any other cut at my salon. Here are 10 different renditions of this cute and sexy do!

Chinese style with full layered 80’s style bangs.
Messy yet polished with a side part.
Thick,heavy layers with a bang.
Chinese style with a tapered back.
With highlights.
Long & asymmetrical with short side bangs.
Face framing with fringe and layers.
Longer,straight bob with long layered side bang.
asymmetrical,long on one side slightly shorter on the other. Side part with no layers .

Up Up And Away!

Photo Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon

Any hair type can wear an updo.You can have a conservative and sleek style when you put your hair up or a romantic look with luscious curls. A messy,edgy updo works well for club nights.Neat ringlets are more appropriate for a formal event. Think about the occasion for which you are choosing to rock an updo.

Photo Courtesy Of Strawberry Strands Salon

Your hair texture will determine which updo looks will be most suitable for you.If you can work with your hair  type instead of fighting its natural tendencies, you will be more successful.

Alicia Keys does an EDGY look.

Lala does a FORMAL updo look.

Jordin Sparks showing off a ROMANTIC updo look .

Festive updo on NATURAL hair.

Temporarily Straightening Natural Hair

Straightening natural hair ( African american hair that is not chemically straightened) can be damage free and easy!

Blow outs are the best way to temporarily straighten naturally curly hair safely. A good blowout can last several days on coarse,kinky hair.On hair that is not so coarse, maybe a week.The total time it takes to get a blow out done is 45 minutes to an hour.But that also depends on thickness and hair length.

Hair has been shampooed & conditioned.

 Blot hair, never rub with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. A  blowout can’t be done on super wet hair or it will take forever.

Hair is parted in small sections and blown out with a round brush.

Now if your thinking about trying to blow out your own hair,MORE POWER TO YOU! Lol,its not as easy as it looks or sounds.You can’t see all over your head and you will have to keep your arms up a lot.Your arms will get tired and sleepy and you will be in the mirror for hours!Go to a salon and have this done properly and a lot quicker.Make sure that the stylist uses a round brush with BOAR BRISTLES.Never plastic bristles!That is a cheap brush & may break your hair off.

A good styling product is also key to the perfect blowout.Foam wrap or leave in conditioner can be used.These  add body,shine and keep frizz at bay.Weigh down random frizzy bits with a shine serum or balm. Skip this step if you have limp, oily hair.

The Finished look !
After !

 To keep your blow out fresh,try to use minimal product.A little shine serum or oil sheen every other day is okay.Keep the hair wrapped over night in a silky scarf.